Will Pine Sol Kill Grass?

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Are you looking for a quick remedy to eradicate weeds in your lawn? Many people recommend Pine Sol as a quick means to eliminate mold, weeds, and other unwanted plants in the yard. But is it safe for grass? Will Pine Sol kill grass? Read this article to the end to find out if Pine Sol has any lasting effects on your grass.

Pine Sol will damage and eventually kill grass if you spray it on your lawn multiple times. Although it can only kill grass after several reapplications, it will damage your turf after the first application by causing yellowing and browning. Therefore, avoid using it on your lawn as chemical ingredients like Alcohol ethoxylates and Sodium carbonated are harmful to grass.

What is Pine Sol?

Pine-Sol is a household all-purpose cleaning product for outdoor and indoor use. This antibacterial cleaner has been in use since 1929. It combines an oil mixture, Pine Oil, and phenol, which are mixed to form a liquid repellent.

One of its primary purposes is to help remove soil stains. Most gardeners also mix it with water and dish soap to make a DIY remedy for weeds and mold in the lawn.

Will Pine Sol Kill My Grass?

Will Pine Sol Kill Grass

Pine Sol can damage your grass and eventually kill it after several applications. That’s why gardening experts don’t recommend spraying lawns with the product. Although it kills molds and weeds, it changes the soil pH and leads to discoloration and death of plants.

Some of the chemical ingredients that make Pine Sol appear plant safe, but they’re not. Alcohol ethoxylates and Sodium carbonate damage the grass after the first application. For instance, sodium carbonate is salt and leaves lasting effects on the soil by changing the pH level.

Alcohol ethoxylates chemical acts as a wetting agent, degreaser, and detergent. It’s worth noting that detergents harm unwanted and wanted plant life. They break down the organic oils on the plant leaves, causing them to dry up and eventually die. Although the chemical is suitable for eradicating weeds, it’s not good for wanted plants like grass.

Which are the Best Alternatives to Pine Sol?

As seen above, Pine-Sol can be dangerous to your lawn. Therefore, plenty of better alternatives exist if you plan to use them to eliminate weeds. Most weed killers are meant to kill weeds only, leaving your grass undamaged. You can buy them from all your area’s garden stores and even most supermarkets.

However, knowing the exact type of weed growing in your lawn before buying these selective herbicides is critical. This will help determine the best weed killer. For instance, weeds like moss require different herbicides than clover and crabgrass.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can you use Pine-Sol to kill weeds?

A: You can use Pine Sol to get rid of weeds in your lawn, but you must concentrate it correctly. It strips the weeds of their essential oils hence dehydrating them. However, the first application is unlikely to kill the plants at the source, and their roots can regrow at any time. Therefore, it requires several applications to eliminate weeds successfully. But as seen earlier, using other alternatives to kill weeds is better as Pine Sol can be dangerous to grass.

Q: Can you use pine sol as an insecticide?

A: Many people apply Pine Sol in their gardens as a natural deterrent against insects. However, it is not recommended as an insecticide as it is ineffective against insect invasions. Also, although the detergents in the product dry up and kill insects, it eliminates even useful ones like bees. Therefore, using other alternatives to deter insects in your garden is better.

Final Thoughts

Many gardening experts advise against using Pine Sol on your lawn, even if you want to kill weeds. The product contains chemical ingredients that can damage or destroy grass and change the soil’s pH. Therefore, if you plan to use it to eliminate weeds, use other alternatives to maintain a healthy and beautiful lawn.