Palmetto St Augustine Grass

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Palmetto St Augustine grass is a leading warm-season turf across Florida lawns and beyond. It has various applications and is a top choice for recreational, residential, and commercial purposes. The grass is the most-sold patented turf worldwide due to its fine texture and emerald color. Let’s discuss all about Palmetto grass so you decide if it’s a perfect choice for your lawn needs.

Palmetto St Augustine grass is a warm-season hybrid of St Augustine, which exhibits superior cold, frost, shade, heat, and drought tolerance. It is finer-textured and more emerald green compared to other St Augustine cultivars. The grass has a deeper root system and requires less watering. To grow it on your lawn, buy Palmetto St Augustine plugs or sod, as its grass seeds don’t exist. 

Characteristics of Palmetto St Augustine Grass

i. Palmetto is a semi-dwarf, soft-textured grass. Generally, its leaf blades are less thicker than other St Augustine grass varieties. For this reason, this sod creates a compact canopy of grass and requires less mowing.

ii. It has superior shade, heat, and drought tolerance compared to the other St Augustine varieties.

iii. This grass is also hardy and wear-tolerant. Generally, it repairs quickly after heavy foot traffic’s wear and tear.

iv. Palmetto grass exhibits a dark-green color, CitraBlue is blue-green, and Floratam is lighter green.

St Augustine Grass Palmetto Establishment

To grow this cultivar in your lawn, buy plugs, sod pods, stolons, or just normal sods. Each 450 sq. ft. Palmetto St Augustine grass pallet costs $225 in most sod suppliers.

You cannot establish this lawn by planting seeds, as St Augustine grass seeds don’t exist. Palmetto sod is the perfect choice for sod installation on your lawn. However, if full sod installation is impractical, you can use Palmetto sod pods or plugs.

Palmetto Grass vs. St Augustine: The Differences

Palmetto is one of the widespread cultivars of St Augustine grass. It is more fine-textured and exhibits a better vibrant, lush, emerald green color than St Augustine and other varieties.

This sod is popular due to its deeper, massive root systems compared to St Augustine’s. Additionally, it establishes quickly and doesn’t require frequent watering like St Augustine and other cultivars.

Palmetto grass also enhances the positive qualities of St Augustine turf, making it more shade, cold, frost, heat, and drought tolerant. If you follow proper lawn maintenance guidelines, Palmetto will be more resistant to chinch bugs and thatch build-up compared to St Augustine.

Palmetto St Augustine Grass Plugs Near Me

To buy Palmetto St Augustine plugs, search for Palmetto St Augustine grass near me or contact the following sod suppliers;

1. 1 Stop Sod & Landscaping Inc., sod suppliers in Central Florida. Visit them at 6401 Hoffner Ave Orlando, FL 32822, or contact them at 407-273-6993.

2. Gladiator Sod, a landscaping company located at 5311 State Road 54, New Port Richey, FL34632. You can also contact them at 727-845-6246.

St Augustine Grass Palmetto FAQs

Q: Is Palmetto St. Augustine a good grass?

A: Palmetto is a great grass for your lawn as it is hardy and thrives in various soil types and weather conditions. It has a vibrant emerald color; you can grow it for commercial and residential purposes. Most homeowners prefer it because it is more heat, drought, cold, and shade tolerant than other St Augustine grass cultivars.

Q: How do you care for St. Augustine palmetto grass?

A: For Palmetto grass to flourish, ensure it receives 3 to 4 hours of sunlight daily. Also, ensure it gets an inch of water weekly. If your soil has low nitrogen, nourish it with a high-nitrogen fertilizer at least once in two months.


One of the most widespread St Augustine grass varieties in Florida is Palmetto. This grass is popular for residential, commercial, and recreational purposes as it demonstrates cold, frost, shade, heat, and drought tolerance.

It also flourishes in various soil conditions and climates and resists chinch bugs and thatch build-up. Palmetto St Augustine grass will create a hardy and aesthetically pleasing lawn when properly maintained.