How Much Does a Riding Lawn Mower Weigh?

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A RIDING lawn mower is a great tool to add to your shed. It is an essential trade tool for private gardens and commercial lawn services. This tool helps improve productivity, and if you use it appropriately, you’ll get excellent, well-manicured grass. However, most lawnmowers are cumbersome and difficult to lug around. For this reason, you need to know the weight of the riding lawn mower before purchasing one. So, how much does a riding lawn mower weigh?

The average weight of a riding lawn mower is between 300 – 600 lbs or 135 – 270 kilograms. There are other larger machines for commercial mowing, that weigh around 900 lbs.

Just like cars, these tools are equipped with various components like engines and wheels. So, their weight usually depends on factors like the brand, engine, deck, and other components.

How Much Does a Lawn Mower Weigh?

How Much Does a Riding Lawn Mower Weigh

A riding lawnmower or lawn tractor is a heavy machine to handle, load onto a trailer, or repair. Its average weight ranges between 300 lbs and 600 lbs. This is the same as 135kgs to 270kgs. There are other larger machines for commercial mowing, which weigh around 900 lbs.

Other lawnmowers for smaller domestic gardens can weigh as low as 150 lbs but don’t perform as well as other types. So, the riding mower weight limit is 150 lbs and 900 lbs.

Just like cars, these tools are equipped with various components like engines and wheels. So, their weight usually depends on multiple factors.

Let’s discuss the factors that determine the riding lawn mower’s weight. Look at these four main factors:

1. Engine

The engine is an important part of a riding mower, contributing approximately 18 to 25% of the tool’s weight. The size of each mower determines the engine type to be fitted. Additionally, lawnmowers for mowing smaller lawns weigh less than those for large yards.

2. The deck

The deck of a lawn mower consists of many parts, like the deck shell, spindles, belt, blades, and gauge wheels. Wider decks are much heavier compared to narrower decks. Also, deck shells are the weightiest parts, prepared from a heavy-duty steel alloy. Their weight ranges from around 70 – 140 pounds.

3. Wheels

Riding lawnmowers with gigantic wheels are heavier than the ones with smaller wheels.

4. Brand

The electric mower is lighter than the gas engine mower as it doesn’t have motors and decks. Similarly, zero-turn mowers for private lawns are lighter than those for commercial properties.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What are the two types of lawnmowers?

A: The two basic varieties of lawnmowers are a walk-behind and a riding mower. For grounds covering more than a 1/4 acre of grass, the perfect mower to use is the riding mower. The tool is ideal if you want to get the work done faster.

Q: What is a riding mower called?

A: A riding mower is also called a lawn tractor, tractor, or ride-on mower. It is a type of mower that the operator mows while seated, unlike other mowers which are towed or pushed.

Bottom Line

A riding lawn mower is one of the invaluable and critical tools of trade to add to your shed. When used appropriately, it leaves your grass looking well-manicured and attractive. However, before you purchase the tool, it’s advisable to know its weight as some of them are cumbersome.

If you need to know how much a riding lawn mower weighs, its weight ranges between 300 and 600 lbs. However, there are small mowers for smaller domestic lawns weighing 150 lbs and others for commercial mowing weighing 900 lbs.