How Long Does Sod Last Once It’s Cut?

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When you install sod, the intent is for it to stay. Sadly, nothing is permanent. Even the most durable things on earth have their ends. So, how long does sod last after it’s cut? 

Generally, cut sod will last about 36 hours during the summer and roughly 72 hours during the winter.

You need to install your sod fast because it will dry up and become useless if you delay. If possible, install your sod on the same day so it doesn’t wither and eventually die. But there are many things to know about sod. 

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What is Sod?

Sod is turf grown on a farm and cut to install elsewhere. Before transporting turf, you need to harvest it, cut it into portable sizes, and then carry it to where you intend to install it. 

To install new sod, you need to prepare the soil first. Installing new sod is simple, fast, and provides an almost instant mature lawn because it is cut from grown grass. New sod gives a yard a fresh and desirable new look when properly installed. 

How Long Does Sod Last After It’s Rolled?

For best results, you should roll sod within a few days, but if possible, you should do so within a few hours. Technically, rolled sod should last about 48 hours in warm and 72 hours in cold weather. 

To help preserve the sod, keep it under the shade. Regular watering also helps maintain the sod pre- and post-installation. 

For sod to last longer, enough preparation is critical. Here are the preparation steps for installing new sod:

NB. If possible, use a sprinkler to water your new sod since exerting force on the sod while walking on it may affect the weak roots. 

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Mowing Your New Sod

You should mow your new sod between 12 and 14 days after installation. Stop watering your new sod a day or two after cutting to allow it to firm up to bear the mowing pressure.

After your first mowing, water your lawn ONCE daily, preferably in the morning. After your second mowing of the sod, water your lawn every day in the evening.

My Thoughts on How Long Sod Last Once It’s Cut

Cut sod will last about 36 hours during summer and roughly 72 hours during winter. Because it takes little time, you must prepare your lawn before you harvest sod for planting from the farm.

Once you’ve installed new sod, give it 12–14 days before doing your debut mowing. It would be best to stop watering the lawn a day before your first mowing. Continue watering, fertilizing, and regular lawn maintenance after the new sod has taken root.