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Meet the faces behind Lawn Affection and how they found themselves in professional landscaping

How it Started

Like everybody else, my journey is full of good and bad intrigues. Well, I can say, my love for landscaping has been with me since I was a child (I studied Plant Biology in college 😜). I grew up in Nigeria, where families grew trees, vegetables, and untended lawns (I visit there once or twice every five years). However, my life got a turning point when I visited a relative who lived in Orange County, NY, for her daughter’s graduation. Orange County neighborhood’s fuller, thicker, and greener lawns blew my mind.

My six-month stay in the US brought a change in my mind. However, I decided to do blogging, which involved working as a copywriter for international clients via platforms such as upWork, then oDesk and iWriter. Whichever way, I earned a legitimate living. I still blog full-time for a living!

Life After Visiting a Relative in Orange County, NY

When I returned home, I resolved to study landscaping because I thought, ‘If I do, I would make my place look like the Orange County neighborhood.’ I was right. I enrolled in a landscaping course from a local college, and within two and a half years, I graduated with a Diploma in Landscaping. A week after graduation, I started to transform my once bushy village into what it is today – a haven with lush neighborhoods just as I saw in Orange County, NY.

Today, if you visit my home, you’ll be surprised by what you see! Beautiful compounds adorned with healthy lawns and all kinds of grasses for children and pets to play with. That is my joy!

In 2021 I switched from sharing pictures of my landscaping endeavors on social media and started my first website (I sold it for $35,000 after running it for 11 months). Now, I share my journey and the tips for growing a beautiful lawn on my websites. This way, I give back to society and share my landscaping knowledge with the world.

From time to time, I travel the world, visiting friends and discovering new things.



Hi, my name’s Victoria, a professional landscaper, photographer, lawn attendant, and the founder of Lawn Affection. I specialize in creating informational content that aims to help you grow a Lifelong Lush Lawn. I hope you enjoy the tips therein and on this website.

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