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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does grass help the environment?

A: Unlike hard surfaces such as wood, concrete, and asphalt, lawn grass helps improve soil, reduce temperature, trap carbon dioxide, clean the air, minimize surface and stormwater runoff erosion, and decrease noise pollution.

Q: What is special about grass?

A: The one special thing about grass is all grasses produce monocotyledonous seeds (each seed produces one leaf sprout). Besides, most grasses are herbaceous, so they don’t produce woody stems. At the end of each growing season, these herbaceous stems die back to the ground.

Q: Where does grass grow best?

A: Grass grows best in full sun. However, to keep your grass from drying out, you need to water once a week or bi-weekly. Additionally, you need to mow it once a week or bi-weekly during the growing season.

Q: How long does grass take to grow?

A: Whether you’re growing grass from scratch, repairing bare spots, or overseeding an existing lawn, you can generally expect grass seedlings to emerge within 7-21 days if grown under proper conditions. However, it may take another 3-4 weeks to attain the right mowing height.

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